Autorità Portuale di Igoumenitsa

The Port Authority of Igoumenitsa basically provides services regarding the mooring of vessels and the transport of passengers and vehicles. It is also responsible for the aesthetic formation and the smooth functioning of the port’s ground marine belt and the collection of waste inside the harbour zone. At the same time, it leases estates citizens and open-air areas which are property of the Port Authority. The port also provides parking areas for the citizens of Igoumenitsa. The place is located inside the city of Igoumenitsa, at the port’s harbor area.

For matters concerning the city and its greater area, the Port Authority of Igoumenitsa collaborates with the users of the port, the local authorities and the authorities of the first and second degree administration, since the Organization’s success in its new role presupposes the equal development of Thesprotia.

Beyond that, special emphasis is being given to the area’s tourist exploitation. The Organization has under its jurisdiction the harbor belts of Sivota and Sagiada, locations of extreme beauty, were there is a possibility for the development of a marinas’ network. There is also a declared intention for collaboration on works with the city of Igoumenitsa as the city and the port may have common points of development.

The Port

The creation of the new port of Igoumenitsa is part of a greater Strategic Plan for the Evolution of Transport Infrastructure (2010), planed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance. From this plan, the need for the construction of a closed high speed motorways’ network came about, including:

  • Egnatia Odos Motorway
  • the western ax from the North to the South (Ionia Odos)

This network is the backbone of the countries Road Infrastructure and the remaining, important transport projects (Roads-Ports-Airports) need to be based on that.

Igoumenitsa’s new port was programmed in line of the above basic principles and in combination with the effort of reassuring the country’s connections with the other EU countries, without the crossing of countries outside the EU.

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