Epirus Region

The Epirus Region is located at the northwestern part of Greece. The Region has an area of 9.203 sq. km, occupying 6.97% of the total area of the country. It consists of four prefectures (regional units): the prefecture of Arta, in the prefecture of Thesprotia, the prefecture of Ioannina and the prefecture of Preveza. Ioannina city is the administrative capital.
The Region is divided into four (4) geomorphological zones:

  • the coastal zone of Preveza and Thesprotia, characterized by the development of tourism, maritime transport and fisheries and brings significant growth potential,
  • the area of mountains stretching along the Eastern Region boundary prefectures of Ioannina (Zagori, Metsovo, Konitsa, North Tzoumerka) and Arta (central and southern Tzoumerka) and presents tourism development on the basis of comparative advantages has (traditional settlements, historical - cultural heritage, natural beauty)
  • the agricultural land area with high performance capability, which includes the southwestern part of the Region (parts of Preveza and Arta prefectures) and which concentrates most of the irrigation projects,
  • the wider area of the mountainous and semi-mountainous areas. The latter zone, which is the most extensive, shows limited growth potential because of the mountainous terrain and geographical isolation

The Regional population yielded to 336.856 inhabitants, according to ELSTAT census of the year 2011.

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