Rete Stradale

Part of the project activities is to provide information to travelers and passengers as well as to monitor traffic flows of “last mile” itineraries towards ports in order to use long distance routes. The information system, operating as communication node, and the relative web application for road network security provides the data below:

  • Pictures by cameras across road networks and nodes
  • Vehicle registration data obtained by international road networks institutions
  • Figures for passengers and vehicles traffic in ports
  • Record accidents/incidents and scheduled activities affecting traffic and generally road safety information

Road Events

Through the road events application the user is able to to register georeferenced messages - information such as:

  • Road incidents (accidents, falls, rocks, etc.)
  • traffic conditions (high traffic volume, traffic with snow chains due to ice or snow, problems or interruption in traffic, etc.)
  • scheduled activities (work these projects, changes in traffic etc.)
  • significant damage, defects or damage (dangerous road damage as large potholes, subsidence, problems with marking, damage to traffic lights, etc.)

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Information system has access to 12 cameras of Epirus Region and to cameras of road networks operation institutions in the area. Into the platform only georeferenced image with the location and current connection status of each camera is kept, which is checked with photograph shooting of low resolution every 15 minutes (in order not to burden web connections of the system, images receipt by cameras are not transmitted through the platform). Only the last snapshot of each camera is saved into the database. For accessing the live image of each camera, a link is provided.

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Traffic flow

Traffic flow elements for the vehicles of road networks are provided by road networks institutions. The elements are recorded per measurement station according to specifications. In addition, according to traffic flow record data, three generic interfaces o data  gathering and import are formed, one per capacity:

  • Web services
  • File import
  • Import by user