Sede italiana della Guardia Costiera

The Italian Coast Guard Headquarters (ITCG) is the national implementing body of Directive 2010/65/EU; it acts in coordination with the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport and the European Commission by participating to the major projects and working groups which aim to gain a harmonized approach towards the implementation of the National Single Window.

ITCG aims to finalize, within the ARGES project framework, the implementation of a NMSW (National Maritime Single Window) prototype for the IT management of formalities reported at the arrival and departure of ships. This prototype will comply to the Italian law 221/2012, which transposes the 2010/65/EU directive and states that the ITCG manages the PMIS - Port Management Information System and its further development towards a NMSW. The ITCG gives support to the Port Authority of Bari for the analysis of technical requirements, the review of the definitive design and the final test phase.

 ITCG benefits from the technical assistance by EMSA (European Maritime Safety Agency) as regards the  revision of the ARGES NSW design and technical specifications, its compliance with Directive 2010/65/EU, and the possibility to further develop and adapt the  results of IMP Demonstrator project, in order to allow its reusability within the ARGES framework.

The Italian Coast Guard (ITCG) is staffed by about 11,000 persons and it is equipped with over 500 patrol boats and 18 aircrafts. The ITCG is mainly in charge of the following tasks: co-ordination of the Search and Rescue operations, fisheries activities control, surveys and certification for Safety of navigation, Port/Ship security code enforcement, Vessel Traffic Management Information System National Competent Authority, protection and prevention by pollution of the marine environment and related operation response.

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