Information regarding the weather is very important for passengers and freight mobilibty as well as for enhancing accessibility and mobility. The implemented information system provides web weather forecast application, covering the area of interest, to all travelers, passengers, logistics professionals and Institutions of road and ferry networks operation. Weather forecast application is based on meteorological data gathering by local stations and data of analytical forecasts and alerts for hazardous weather conditions in the area.



Weather forecast application provides analytical information, covering the area of interest, for current and forecasted weather conditions via easy to use interface. Special attention is given for providing information for the ports of the project area (Corfu, Igoumenitsa and Patra) as well as for their sea zones.

The application supports:

  • Multichannel access focusing on improvement of use via smart devices
  • Supported by all common web browsers (internet explorer, chrome, firefox, safari, opera)
  • Multilingual user environment (Greek, English, Italian)
  • Menu for selecting main locations (cities, towns, tourism points of interest) and view forecast around these areas.
  • Presentation of weather forecast will be given in table format, with symbols and words describing weather conditions and basic meteorological parameters’ values for the next 3 days, every 3 hours.

Watch the West Mainland Weather Forecast

In addition, the platform provides access to the application developed by the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change in order to provide detailed prognosis for the ports, participating in the project.
The application provides access to additional parameters, such as:

  • Waves (height, period)
  • Currents
  • Sea temperature

The application is accessible at the following link: http://oceanlab.cmcc.it/arges/index.php