ARGES expected results are consistent with the strategic character of the project concerning also tourism, as one of the main objectives of the project is the optimization of tourists accessibility and mobility in the area of interest and relative activities regarding information services for travelers and guarantee a higher level of security. As a part of the project, Virtual tour and panoramic images application has been developed in order to provide attractive information for tourists. Moreover, interconnection with other implemented systems and application of Epirus Region (e.g. Tourist Guides)

Virtual Tour

Virtual tour and panoramic images application provides the users with the capacity of 3D virtual tours. The tour concerns route in selected place of great natural beauty and high tourist interest in the area of Vikos gorge. The main total route of 3,5 km passes through Monodendri path towards Monastery of Agia Paraskevi, and the additional routes pass through villages (Vitsa, Vradeto, Kapesovo) at the perimeter of Vikos gorge, as well as hiking routes in and out Vikos gorge. Additionally, 360o panoramic photography shooting, of high resolution, took place for the three ports (Patra – Igoumenitsa - Corfu) and virtual tours are also available for these areas.



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